About Polmed

«Polmed» LLC is a full cycle pharmaceutical distributor. The company has been operating in the market of the Republic of Belarus since 2003, and ranks third in the ranking of medicinal products suppliers based on the results of centralized procurement.

Regulatory Compliance:

Our business is conducted using internal standard operating procedures (SOPs) that have been developed to ensure Good Distribution Practices (GDP), enabling us to comply with our regulatory and legal obligations.
Every year, the Polmed company passes a mandatory external audit of our partners without any comments. In addition, we engage external auditors to help stress test our business operations and ensure compliance.

Corporate responsibility and governance

«Polmed» LLC strives for good corporate responsibility and the highest ethical standards. To meet these requirements, we create and maintain systems and policies that ensure that every link in the supply chain is held ethically.

«Polmed» LLC has created and successfully operates an anti-corruption management system in accordance with ISO 37001:2016 "Anti-corruption management systems - requirements and recommendations for use". As part of the introduction of anti-corruption mechanisms, the following have been developed:

Anti-corruption policy
Code of Conduct
Regulations on the management of conflicts of interest
Methodology for assessing corruption risks
Corruption risk map
Regulation on hospitality expenses

On an ongoing basis, anti-corruption compliance control is carried out in order to implement a set of measures at «Polmed» LLC to form responsible anti-corruption behavior of employees.

Bukreeva Tatiana
Bukreeva Tatiana
Kotkovets Artem
Kotkovets Artem
Deputy Director of Commercial Affairs
Korhova Elena
Korhova Elena
Deputy Development Director
Turbanova-Koyrala Olga
Turbanova-Koyrala Olga
Deputy Pharmaceutical Director
Kostukova Olga
Kostukova Olga
Executive Assistant
Stankevich Nadezhda
Stankevich Nadezhda
Head of Logistics and Foreign Trade Department
Soboleva Natalia
Soboleva Natalia
Legal Counsel
Fedorchuk Mihail
Fedorchuk Mihail
Head of Sales Department


All managers and medical representatives of the company have special pharmaceutical, medical, economic education. Employees have comprehensive knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals, economics, management and marketing. They have extensive experience in large companies. Specialists carefully understand the nuances of each medicine and find the right approach for effective promotion.

The company maintains contact with leading specialists of various profiles from 138 medical institutions of the country.


The pharmaceutical portfolio of «Polmed» LLC includes a wide range of products used in various fields of medicine. The main strategic directions in the company's work are oncology, oncohematology, immunosuppressive therapy, vaccine prophylaxis and therapy of rare genetic diseases.

We are focused on the discovery and subsequent marketing of specialized innovative medicines that provide clinical benefit and value in all therapeutic areas.

Constant work is underway to expand the range of supplied medicines to provide access to new effective methods of treatment.


Services and features

We provide a full range of distribution services, establish long-term partnerships with suppliers based on full transparency of processes, mutual trust and respect.

We study

We help assess the feasibility of bringing a particular medicinal product to the Belarusian market by conducting research, surveys, and analysis. We make a detailed plan.

We organize

We undertake the organization of supplies, storage, medicines.

We promote

We promote a new product on the market, and also contribute to an increase in sales.


We give an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the work done, the demand for medicines on a regular basis in the form of detailed reports.


Partnership is an important aspect of successful and sustainable business development. We carefully approach the choice of partners in order to ensure maximum profit for both companies. We are flexible and adaptable, which allows us to easily and dexterously overcome difficult market situations.

Today, the company "Polmed" cooperates with the largest manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. Among our partners are such leaders as Pfizer, Novartis, Octapharma, Takeda. The list of partners is constantly expanding.

We are open for cooperation and new proposals. If you are looking for a reliable partner on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, interested in a long-term partnership and successful distribution, please contact us by filling out the form on the website or in any other way convenient for you.

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Every day we work to preserve and increase the main asset of any person - life and health. To do this, we constantly study the pharmaceutical market for the presence of new valuable medicines, establish strong relationships with suppliers, and ensure the launch of medicines on the market under the most favorable conditions. We also regularly participate in charitable projects.