About Polmed

Full cycle wholesale distribution company

The company specializes in providing services for the full cycle of launch, sale and promotion of domestic and foreign medicines in the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Belarus.

«Polmed» LLC has been operating in the market of the Republic of Belarus since 2003. Among the main partners of «Polmed» LLC are such companies as Novartis, Pfizer, Octapharma, Takeda, Janssen, Egis, Menarini Group.

«Polmed» LLC works to ensure that all patients have equal full access to the latest and most effective medicines to preserve the most valuable thing – health.

Forecasting, planning and registration
At the first stage of cooperation, in order to determine prospects and points of growth, the company's analysts make sales forecasts, analyze the competitive environment, channels and directions for subsequent distribution.
Data analysis
The forecast of future sales is built on the basis of past sales obtained from the statistical databases of IQVIA, Intellix, as well as data received from partners. In addition to statistical data, the company's analysts rely on industry trends within the country that affect treatment protocols.
Based on the sales forecast, a product work plan is drawn up. In agreement with the manufacturer, the plan may include lectures and round tables for specialists with the involvement of industry opinion leaders.
The specialists of the company make a list of recommendations regarding the need and type of product registration. To analyze the dossier, evaluate and carry out the registration procedure, «Polmed» engages a local partner with more than twenty years of experience in the industry.
Delivery and customs clearance

«Polmed» LLC strives to optimize the process of importing medicines. Each stage of import, from the conclusion of the contract to the placement of the product in the warehouse, is regulated by the SOP.

Or the effective implementation of the internal policy in the field of logistics and foreign economic activity, «Polmed» LLC provides comprehensive support and organization of the following processes:

Conclusion of contracts
Conclusion of contracts with foreign and domestic partners. All contracts are subject to strict legal and ethical control.
Delivery of goods
With the assistance of forwarding partners, we pick up goods from anywhere in the world.
Legal support
Legal support of transportation. Registration of all necessary documentation for transportation.
Import of samples
Import of samples of new medicinal products and related standards, reagents, etc. for laboratory research and their quick introduction to the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Belarus.
Customs support
Full customs support and clearance of goods, including the preparation of all necessary documents and direct declaration.
Obtaining an import permit
Obtaining an import permit and directly importing with full support of medicinal products not registered in the Republic of Belarus.
Temporary storage warehouses
Full interaction with temporary storage warehouses regarding all issues of cargo safety. We work only with temporary storage warehouses that have a GDP certificate and are able to provide all the necessary temperature conditions for the medicinal product.

Based on many years of experience, «Polmed» LLC is always ready to provide advice in the field of import and customs clearance of medicines for foreign partners. Our successful experience in the market allows us to offer partners the highest standards of efficiency and minimize any risks.


After the importation of medicines into the country, the products go to a high-tech pharmacy warehouse with an area of 1700 m², where it is guaranteed:

Storage conditions
Safety and compliance with storage conditions. The warehouse has three zones with different temperature regimes: +2̊С...+8̊С, ≤-18̊С and +15̊С...+25̊С degrees.
Validated monitoring
The system for monitoring and controlling the parameters of the production environment has been validated.
Data storage
Reliable storage of data on the temperature regime of storage facilities and transportation.
Monitoring 24/7
Monitoring and control of temperature indications and humidity in the continuous mode (24 hours / 7 days per week).
Maintains and improves
«Polmed» LLC constantly maintains and improves the quality system in the field of distribution of medicines.
Proper transportation
Proper transportation of medicines.
Guidelines and rules
«Polmed» LLC in its work adheres to the Guidelines and rules of the World Health Organization, based on documents: WHO TRS 957, Annex 5: Good Distribution Practices for Pharmaceuticals Products and WHO TRS 961, Annex 9: Good Storage Practice.
Temperature control
Measuring instruments for monitoring temperature and relative air humidity are located at the points of the most significant temperature fluctuations according to the results of the temperature mapping analysis.

In 2021, «Polmed» LLC received a positive conclusion on compliance with the rules of Good Distribution Practice within the Eurasian Economic Union.


Directly from the warehouse, «Polmed» LLC delivers products to their destination: pharmacy chains or medical institutions. Each of the stages of the wholesale distribution process is regulated by internal acts and validated.

The quality system developed and approved at the enterprise guarantees:

Compliance with the requirements
Medicinal products are purchased, stored, transported and supplied in compliance with the requirements of the rules of good distribution practice of the Eurasian Economic Union.
Quality and integrity
At the stage of transportation, it is possible to confirm that the quality and integrity of medicines have not been adversely affected.
Meeting deadlines
Medicines are delivered within the agreed time period.

The Polmed company cooperates with all enterprises of the Pharmacy system and large pharmacy chains, thereby providing a total coverage of more than 80% of the market.

The main expertise of «Polmed» LLC is the supply of medicines based on the results of participation in centralized public procurement procedures. We help in carrying out special programs for patients, and provide medicines to retail chains in a timely manner.
To ensure sales growth and optimize communication processes with customers, the company has assembled a team of field employees of eight people, each of whom specializes in one of the therapeutic areas: oncology, oncohematology, transplantology, ophthalmology, gynecology, rare genetic diseases. The back office of the sales department consists of two people who ensure effective communication with the customer's purchasing departments, coordinate the work of field employees, accept and distribute applications.
At the beginning of work with a new partner, we assess the potential of the market, and together with the partner, we decide on the need to add a new employee to the team in order to effectively work with the new product portfolio.

All our field employees have specialized education and constantly undergo training and seminars.


All activities of «Polmed» LLC are aimed at providing patients with quality medicines in a timely manner. We work to maintain and preserve the health of the population of the Republic of Belarus. We support the high ethical standards of work and the policy of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus in the field of information methods and work of industry specialists.

The company develops comprehensive product support programs on the market:

We develop and carry out advertising campaigns to promote products
We participate in exhibitions, conferences
We hold lectures and seminars with the participation of opinion leaders

These events explore the needs of physicians and approaches that can help pharmaceutical companies communicate effectively with them. We help in building an effective dialogue that will help us answer the question: "How to help the doctor?". This contributes to the establishment of effective interaction, and helps to avoid a negative reaction from the medical worker.

The work on the promotion of medicines on the market in the company "Polmed" is coordinated by a marketing specialist.

In its promotion activities, «Polmed» uses, first of all, a patient-oriented approach, because it is the patient who is in the center of attention of both doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

The final stage of the interaction process is to provide partners with all the necessary reports on the results of activities.
At the stage of concluding an agreement, «Polmed» LLC agrees on the forms and dates for the provision of reports required by partners.
We provide reports on the dynamics of sales and shipments in the context of sold packages, a list of counterparties, the number and nature of events held, sales and procurement plans for future periods. In addition, we are always ready to share our vision of market development in the form of forecasts within the nosology of interest to the partner.
We provide services within the framework of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, in accordance with the requirements of international distribution practice.
We build partnerships with clients on the basis of mutual respect and trust.

Learn more about the services and conditions for their provision by calling the phones indicated on the website. The company's specialists will answer your questions and provide professional advice.